About Us

Hornby Water Stewardship (HWS)

The Hornby Water Stewardship project is a program since 1993 of the Heron Rocks
Friendship Center, and is being undertaken by members of the community on a volunteer

The purpose of the project is to “foster personal responsibility for water conservation and
protection.” All work is undertaken under the United Nations declaration that water is a
human right, and therefore water belongs to everyone and is a shared responsibility.
The group has worked to foster understanding of the value and vulnerability of
groundwater, surface and marine waters of Hornby Island.

Since inception, with limited resources, we have done much to address many of the issues
raised in this planning process. We have conducted projects, workshops, seminars and
demonstrations for adults and children on the topics of wells, septic systems, water borne
illnesses, and water collection. We have written and distributed articles, brochures and
posters to residents and visitors and have conducted scientific research, including extensive
collection and testing of water samples. Funds have been provided to other Hornby Island
groups for water collection and water diversion activities. Written submissions have been
made to local and provincial policy and plan development. We have reached beyond
Hornby Island to connect with and learn from others who are working to address issues of
water quality and quantity.