Planning Ahead

Homes - Things to think about as you’re building
We can’t go back in time, but we can make it faster, better and cheaper to do the right things first.

When people are in the middle of designing or building a new home, incorporate water-smart solutions up-front rather than having to retrofit later. This could apply to a green roof to facilitate potable water collection, or a grey water capture system, or a composting toilet. It could also mean designing the landscape with xeriscaping principles in mind (i.e., using drought resistant plants).

Hopefully simple brochures can be provided to the right people at the right time when lots of big decisions are being made.


Density - Where’s everyone going to live?

Assuming the population increases, it would be best if the development were such as to optimize the available land and water in an environmentally sensitive way. Some call this “eco-density.”

Projects such as Beulah Creek Village are moving forward, and developments such as Elder Village show that there can be a balance between increased population and a smaller footprint.

Potential number of dwellings and population of Hornby Island

Information for well drillers and well pump Installers

The following links show the kinds of considerations incorporated by well and well pump drillers:


Salt Water Intrusion